Getting Started

Learn how to receive a New OneSF User Account, getting started with Clarity Human Services as a OneSF End User, and view step-by-step instructions for common tasks conducted within the system.

Getting Started with Clarity Human Services

  • How to receive a New OneSF End User Account for the ONE System

    To receive login credentials as a OneSF End User, Program Staff must register for the Clarity General Training from the “Register for Training” section of the OneSF Help Center and the SFDPH Privacy Training. Staff members should only use the work email provided by their current employer to register for these trainings. Successful completion of both the Clarity General Training and the SFDPH Privacy Training are r...

  • Working with Your Staff Profile

    This section discusses the Staff Profile Section. Accessing the Staff Profile The Staff Profile section is where the user (regardless of access role) can access and modify their account information, including changing their login password, adding a profile photo, and signing out of the system. To access the Staff Profile section, select the circular initial icon or user photo in the top right corner and click Acco...

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  • Working with User Passwords

    This article outlines minimum user account password requirements and related information. The privacy and security of client data is extremely important to us.  Several levels of security are in place to ensure the information contained within the Clarity system is secure.  User password requirements and restrictions are an extremely important part of this system of security. Password Rules A number of requirement...

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  • Working with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    This article outlines the configuration and use of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security for End Users. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a form of multi-factor authentication intended to confirm a user's identity by utilizing a combination of identifying pieces of information to successfully login to the system.  Authentication Apps for Mobile Devices There are several authentication applications available fo...

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  • Working With Your Staff Inbox & Secure Messaging

    This section discusses the Staff Inbox and Secure Messaging features. Staff members can securely communicate with other staff members who use Clarity Human Services via the internal messaging system. With the ability to search messages, this is an excellent and secure way to keep track of conversations and information, as well as build staff morale and collaboration. In addition, all system-wide messages will be i...

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