Resources for Agency Leads

  • Annual Progress Report (APR) Manual

    This Manual gives guidance on how to prepare, run an APR report and upload it to Sage. Click here to view this manual on a new window. To download a PDF version copy of this manual, click here.

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  • Presentation Slides of ONE System Agency Lead Meetings

    Below are Presentation Slides of the ONE System Agency Lead Meetings, in PDF format, available for download and review: -2018- January Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides February Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides March Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides April Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides May Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides June Agency Lead Meeting Presentation Slides July Agency ...

Forms & Documents

  • Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Privacy Practice and Releases of Information

    HSH Notice of Privacy Practice The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Notice of Privacy Practice describes how personal information about clients may be used and shared by the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) and its provider organizations, and the rights clients have about their information.  Please note that if you receive funding by both ...

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  • ONE System Continuous Data Quality Improvement Process

    The Local Homeless Coordinating Board (LHCB) has adopted a continuous data quality improvement plan for the ONE System.  The strategy includes an intentional shift in data quality strategies from occasional data cleansing to an ongoing cycle of data quality improvement focused on removing bad information from the ONE System by defining and enforcing policies and approval procedures for achieving and maintaining da...

  • ONE SF HUD-CoC, HOPWA, PATH, RHY, VA and YHDP Project Assessment forms

    Hardcopy versions, with page numbers, of the ONE SF HUD-CoC, HOPWA, PATH, RHY, VA and YHDP forms for Project Intake, Status, and Exit Assessment are attached below and available to download as PDFs for ONE SF Agencies:

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Data Sharing and Privacy

  • Data Sharing and Privacy Policies

    The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing is a participant in the DataSF Initiative. Our vision is to achieve efficient, effective, consistent, secure and appropriate data sharing across City and County of San Francisco agencies and offices, as well as with key partners such as the San Francisco Unified School District. We seek to share confidential data, while appropriately protecting it, to coordinat...

Training and Support

  • OneSF User Mailing List

    Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Agency Name Legacy Data System Used (if any) ETO HomeLink CHANGES Special Programs (HOPWA and Shelter Plus Care) Housing Access Team Database Navigation Centers Database Homeless Outreach Team Case Management in Coordianted Case Management System (CCMS) Direct Access to Housing Data System  

  • SFDPH Privacy Training

    All OneSF users must complete the annually required San Francisco Department of Public Health's online Privacy Training before accessing the ONE System for the first time. New ONESF users can access the training here:  DPH Privacy Training Classroom San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) Full Notice of HIPAA Privacy Rights. This Notice describes how Client medical information may be shared by the San Fran...

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  • SFHOT Training Materials

    Unfollow The following documents are training and/or reference materials for the SFHOT Outreach and Case Management work flow in the ONE System.  General SFHOT Information  Overview of PATH Data Collection Requirements  SFHOT Outreach Manual PATH & Non-PATH How to Enter Location and Contact Information  How to Complete a Program Exit  Non-PATH Outreach SFHOT Non-PATH Quick Guide  SFHOT Street Outreach No...

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  • One-SF HMIS General User Training

    All Clarity Human Services users are required to complete Clarity General Training before they will be granted access to the system.   Clarity General Training is offered via a learning management software as needed either for the first time or as a refresher. Sign up by clicking the relevant link below. Register for Clarity General Training Clarity General Training is a recorded training, required for all new...

  • Coordinated Entry Training Materials

    The following documents are training and/or reference materials for the Family and Adult Coordinated Entry process in the ONE System. The documents are organized by various access roles.  General Coordinated Entry Information  Coordinated Entry Process Flow  Family Coordinated Entry Process Flow  Family Coordinated Entry Access Points Family Eligibility Assessment and Enrollment  Family Housing Prioritization A...

    label_outline Coordinated Entry label_outline Shelter Placement label_outline Exit label_outline access points label_outline family CE label_outline Adult CE label_outline Referrals label_outline open units label_outline managing referral label_outline Eligibility Engine label_outline eligibility assessment label_outline Assessments label_outline Community Queue label_outline irs label_outline individual room shelter label_outline Youth Coordinated Entry label_outline enrollment label_outline queue label_outline ACE label_outline YCE label_outline FCE label_outline Family coordinated entry label_outline Adult Coordinated Entry
  • SSVF Training Materials - SSVF Programs Only

    The following training documents are available for viewing in a new window or for download to your computer:   SSVF Quick Guide View or Download PDF How to Create a Household View or Download PDF

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  • ONE System Trainee Satisfaction Survey

    Please complete the trainee satisfaction survey after attending a ONE System Training during the week of June 26-30.

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